Partner in energy management strategies for business

138,000 tons Annual reduction in CO2 emission thanks to the largest solar farm in Poland.

We bring your company’s energy efficiency to the next level

We develop solutions to increase your company's energy efficiency.

  • We support companies in green energy transition. We conduct energy audits, study the carbon footprint and help your business reach the chosen level of RES certification.
  • Based on financial and technical data,we help our clients choose the optimal solutions covering the technology used, type of financing and the project’s feasibility.
  • While maintaining technological neutrality, we implement solutions and execute projects that ensure energy transformation. Our goal is to maximize Client's investment profitability.
21% RES share in gross energy consumption by 2030 in Poland - according to the National Energy and Climate Plan.

Solar farms

In our portfolio we have over 50 MW of PV ready to build (RtB) projects, all include grid connection conditions.

We offer:

  • PV projects sales with construction and grid connection permits
  • Construction of solar farms, servicing, monitoring
  • Energy repurchase, surplus management, balancing, PPA contracts
One of our recent projects for a Polish real estate leader covered the purchase of ready PV projects with their construction. Solar farms will provide electricity to office buildings in Warsaw. Thanks to such decision, the owner guaranteed an increase in the company's valuation, a greater willingness of tenants to sign contracts with a partner having its own RES power plant, and radically reduced the carbon footprint in Poland. A significant cost reduction in specific facilities, was an additional benefit.
Marcin Szwejk, Metis Intech
Marcin SzwejkManaging Director,
Metis Intech
11GW Installed solar energy capacity in Poland. This equals to 5% of Poland's electricity demand.

RES systems

Using financial and technical data, we help our clients choose the optimal solutions in terms of the technology used, type of financing and the possibility of project implementation the company.

  • PV systems for companies
    Own solar power plant - electricity production to satisfy company’s needs. From the concept, through development and servicing phase.
  • CarPort roofing for parking lots
    Above-ground parking lots roofing with the use of PV installations, tailor-made solutions.
  • EV chargers
    Single and multiple parking spots, superchargers, implementation of access control and payment management systems.
  • Audit and modernization of LED lighting in the company facilities
    Lighting replacement with the LED system, light intensity analysis, recommendations in accordance with fire protection requirements.
One of the recent projects was aimed at fire protection selection for one of a big shopping centres in Warsaw. It was implemented by determining the requirements for PV/Carport shelters. The customized concept for the fire protection requirements selection included the facility’s existing fire zoning, fire resistance classes and roofing fire reaction classes. In addition, we made an update in scenarios for the development of events in case of fire.
Joanna Kiec-Żajewska, Metis Intech
Joanna Kiec-Żajewska
Fire Safety Director,
Metis Intech
35% Increased usable area of certified buildings in Poland (year-to-year).

Energy transformation

  • Energy consulting
    Audits, carbon footprint study, zero emission strategy, support in obtaining energy certification, selection of optimal energy projects financing forms.
  • Energy transformation trainings for companies
    Tailored to the organization’s needs, for both technical and business staff. Wide range of RES topics in business. Opportunity to develop specific operation procedures in the company during the training.
  • HR consulting
    Executive search, recruitment process handling for the client, market mapping, competition analysis.
Nowadays, we cannot look at the energy market from the savings angle only. The green energy transformation that is happening right in front of our eyes is not only our moral obligation towards our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. First and foremost, this is a market where investment projects offer above-average return rates. We have completed an investment of more than 8MW recently, with the estimated 18% rate of return.
Maciej Goliński, Metis Intech
Maciej Goliński
Metis Intech
28% Certified space share in the industrial and warehouse market in Poland.

About us

Maintaining technological neutrality, we implement solutions and execute projects to ensure the company’s energy transformation.

To maximize the profitability of the Client's investment is always our main goal.

What makes us different

We execute our Client’s projects in cooperation with the best tech partners, with whom we build long-term relations and trust.

Strategic partner in the implementation of PV solutions, being a part of a big Blachotrapez Capital Group, leader among roofing manufacturers.

Technical partner with more than 20 years of experience in engineering and construction services, in particular related to the implementation of RES solutions for large facilities.

Energy consulting expert acting as our partner in RES system design.

Leader in the production and sales of best quality PV constructions and components. 


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